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Authenticity & Quality

At Sivils Luxury, every watch offered for sale is guaranteed authentic.

An Inside Look into Sivils Luxury’s Authentication and Quality Control Process:

Step 1
When a watch arrives at Sivils Luxury it is placed through a rigorous inspection process. We perform an initial inspection on every watch that includes validating manufacture authenticity, condition, appearance, and functionality of all features and components of the watch. The watch is then put through a series of checks and reviews on our  Multifunction Timegrapher. The Multifunction Timegrapher acoustically measures the ticks of a mechanical watch to assess its accuracy and enable calibration. It measures the watch’s timekeeping ability, measuring and calculating in real time the:

  • Beat rate
  • Amplitude
  • Beat error
  • Beat number

Step 2
After this inspection and assessment is completed, the watch is forwarded to our watchmaker for an in-depth examination. The watchmaker will also complete any work that may be necessary to transform the watch into the best condition possible. This process can consist of polishing, servicing, new parts, crystals, and new straps. Our watchmaker carries over 15 years of experience as an expert watchmaker.

Step 3
When the watch is returned to the quality control team from our watchmaker, it is inspected and checked yet again for full functionality and timekeeping on our Multifunction Timegrapher. The watch has now passed the rigorous inspection, assessment, and quality control standards for the watch to be listed as a Sivils Luxury pre-owned watch.

Step 4
Upon purchase, and prior to shipping a watch to the client, every watch goes through a final inspection process that is documented on video. This process establishes the watches condition, full functionality, and timekeeping on our Multifunction Timegrapher at the time of sale.

Sivils Luxury’s quality control process has been established as an industry-leading standard, ensuring your Sivils Luxury pre-owned watch is in quality condition prior to shipping to our clients.


Brand Names/Trademarks

Sivils Luxury is an independent dealer and is not affiliated with any watch brand, nor is it an authorized dealer of any watch brand. Rolex, Breitling, Hublot, and all others are registered trademarks of their prospective companies.

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